Monday, April 13, 2015

Lucid Optics: SADLIBS

This morning was a Monday like most - too little coffee in the can to make even half of a full-strength cup, the cat vying for my attention and insisting it can type better than I do by walking across the keyboard while I try to do research, finances I'm trying to ignore as they glower over my chair, and the eternal struggle to force a fearless face to fool the world for another 20 hours or so when I could easily find a book or blanket or some other place to stuff my head and put everything on pause...just for a little while.

Then Lucid Optics came across my screen and through my headphones, and it was exactly the turn in events that my mind needed.

Lucid Optics is indie hip-hop with a fantastic organic sounds - combining smart lyrics with analog sounds and 8-bit music. Their new album, SADLIBS, comes out on April 20th, and you can bet I'm going to add it to my collection.

What are they like?

They aren't. That is to say, I could enumerate what I hear as influences, but ultimately Lucid Optics is its own thing. Hip-tip, poetry, and punk? It's there in the lyrics. Experimental rock? It's there in the guitars. Electronica? It's all in the 8-bit music and chiptune runs. The closest thing that came to mind was Reaching Quiet's Broken Crow, which I haven't thought about since I listened to it back in '03.

Anyway, I'm running off the rails here, so let's get back on track.

Lucid Optics are based out of San Jose, CA, and they are able to harness the chaos of so many diverse genres and drive them into mindblowing tracks like Equivalent Exchange and Storms Reformed.

You can get Lucid Optics'  SADLIBS on April 20th, and in the meantime, get a sampling of their work over at bandcamp. You can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter to get the latest scoop on what they're doing and where they're playing.

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